MERLIN Зеркало

Современная коллекция | ALNOOR

Зеркало с элементами из дерева ореха Каналетто. Размеры: 130 см... Далее

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This designer of Indian origin designs products that are full of meaning. Alnoor's work has received numerous awards, including the Decouverte Maison et Objet award and the Observeur du Design award. His first forays in the art world were recently met with considerable success at the Art Basel Miami art fair, The Frankfurt MAM and the Saint Etienne Biennal, particularly his Magikal Mirror. His designs, which include perfume bottles (the YSL manifesto bottle), decorative art pieces ("space between us" blown glass pieces exhibted at the Galerie de Casson) and tableware (collection currently in development at the Nevers pottery works) convey emotions that connect with users on a deeper level.

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